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Propelled by elliptical motion, the Elliptical Stroller is the first of its kind in the entire world.  This revolutionary stroller is composed of two components, the carriage and the elliptical mechanism, which allows the lucky driver to use the stroller in both conventional and athletic modes.  The entire mechanism folds, allowing for versatile use. Fold the mechanism and you will have a traditional stroller, but when opened,  you have yourself an elliptical machine.  So hop on, because your work out has just begun!!  First, place your feet on the two pedals, fold the handles in an athletic position, and start moving the pedals up and down just as you would an elliptical machine at the gym! The stroller will then move forward and the calories will burn away, all while spending time outdoors with your child!  Furthermore, the stroller is also available for pets.  Imagine your dog, who’s too old to join you on those long walks, now those precious moments can be a reality again!  Place your four-legged friend on the stroller, jump on and start exercising with your loyal fur baby! Burn calories while spending time with your child or pet!  Plus, this stroller has extra compartments for storage.


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The baby Step, an elliptical mechanism that can be attachable to most strollers



Improve your physical and mental well-being



For most parents, finding the time to exercise can be difficult, between finding someone trustworthy to watch their children and dealing with the guilt of leaving them with strangers. Now, here is the solution to their problem: THE FIRST ELLIPTICAL STROLLER IN THE WORLD!

The physical changes that occur in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy, along with weight gain, drastic reduction in physical activity, produce the so-called “detraining effect.”  This effect is a condition in which the mother has lost the drive for exercise and has a lack of confidence to play in competitive sports. Workouts with the stroller will help rebuild that confidence and spark anew that drive for non-competitive activity. This inexpensive, revolutionary stroller will allow you to take care of your physical well-being without compromising that crucial, intimate time with your child. It will absolutely be a relaxing, productive activity for both parent and child.

Exercise significantly reduces the stress levels of mothers overwhelmed by their careers, caring for their children, and maintaining a healthy relationship with their significant partner. It has also been suggested that in some cases physical activity is more effective than group therapy. A casual ride around the elliptical stroller can and will improve your physical fitness and mental well-being, without taking you away from your child. Plus, it is far more affordable and socially stimulant when compared to other forms of therapy. Post birth, a mother’s social life is reduced considerably. In extreme cases placing her in a mindset of complete isolation, which in turn amplify and exaggerate their doubts, fears, and feelings of loneliness. But the Elliptical Stroller is here to free them from that island of loneliness and take them down a stroll through the park, beach, anywhere they wish, where they will interact with other same minded mothers and maintain that important social support to battle postpartum depression.   

After all, a mother’s physical and mental health, benefits the future well-being of the child.



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