Elliptical Stroller



Hello, my name is Pier Paolo Visconti. Born and raised in Italy, 17 years ago I came  to the USA and set roots in Miami, FL. A few years ago, my sister gave birth to her second child, and the extra baby weight she had gained put a strain on her self-esteem. Loosing the weight was difficult for her since she didn’t want to sacrifice any quality time with her baby. That’s when inspiration struck me. By combining the athleticism of an elliptical and domestic convenience of a stroller, I built the prototype for the first ever, revolutionary Elliptical Stroller. I then showcased my design throughout the beaches of Miami, FL and New York City's Times Square. The community's response to the Elliptical Stroller was nothing short of enthusiastic. The praise of the community and industry leaders inspired me to pitch my idea to Shark Tank in Los Angeles, CA. My adoptive homeland has given me so much, now it is time for me to return the kind gesture by introducing it to the revolutionary Elliptical Stroller.